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For each prompt you may use one of the following religions: Santería , Haitian Vodou, Obeah/Myal, Candomblé , Rastafari, Espiritismo. Each of the prompts in this assignment requires students describe the multiple aspects of global/cultural systems in order to provide the audience with information about that religion. Additionally, the prompts require student’s self-awareness as they explore their worldview and how it is shaped by their personal values, identity, cultural rules and biases so they are able to help the audience be self-aware and relate to the religions more objectively.

Human Rights Advisory Presentation (power point or short 2-4 pg paper) – This prompt should be modeled as though you were giving a talk to the Human Rights Advisory. You need to make sure you are clear about the social issue and how it relates to this audience.

You will be speaking to the Human Rights Advisory about Religion X and their stand on Social Issue X. You must include in your presentation why their values, beliefs, and culture are incorporated into their stand on Social Issue X and why it is significant to Religion X.

This assignment makes students critically analyze the way society perceives the Afro-Caribbean Religions and the impact that stigmatization has on practitioners. Each of the five prompts encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and attempt to describe the beliefs, values, cultural understanding of one of the religions from the course. The assignment inherently incorporates the SLOs.

The GCP Assignment will be graded based on the student’s ability to describe the multiple aspects of the religion chosen for the prompt, global and cultural. The information should briefly include the way the religion is situated in the larger history of the slave trade and African Diaspora. Additionally, students should approach the religion and topic with respect and objectivity. This demonstrates the student has reflected on their own beliefs, values, cultural rules and biases and are prepared to discuss another religion without dismissal. Finally, the GCP Assignment will be graded on standards of good academic writing. Please use 12 pt. font, double space, use citations where necessary, and edit the assignment well.

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