story of your educational life that had a lasting impact upon you

story of your educational life that had a lasting impact upon you

Alright students!

It’s time to apply our knowledge! In this assignment we will be focused on a personal narrative/story from our own lives. This personal narrative WILL have a focus. The story will focus on ONE impactful moment from our educational history.

“Your life has marked you in unique ways, and these marks- whether you know it or not- will determine how you live your life, what quests you pursue, and what you are equipped to say with passion an authority….

-Michael Rabiger

In the Jensen video, he speaks about owning our marks. When it comes to our experiences in school, we all have a LOT of marks- some good, some not good at all. Nevertheless, these impactful experiences inform the way we feel and react, and live our lives as students! Your story will allow me a window into your thoughts and feelings about school and help me understand you as my student!

Another of the point of this essay is to begin working on some of our “unresolved tensions” by looking at these experiences and owning/accepting them. Remember, we are looking for a story about ONE impactful moment from our educational/school life.

Hopefully, this will allow you to reflect on your educational history, give you some insight into your current attitudes about education, and help you slay the dragons you face in your Hero’s Journey of Education!

Please do not worry about the narrative structure. Do your best to tell the story effectively in your own way, in your own style.


In a MLA standard essay of 2 full pages minimum, please tell a story from your educational life that had a lasting impact upon you, one that left a “mark” on you. Please make sure to edit the essay before you submit!

Assignment Outcomes

Students will:

  • Write a personal narrative that follows all directions and uses the content provided in the module.
  • Write a personal narrative to show their current level of writing ability and to better comprehend the intent/purpose of the author Cheryl Strayed in writing her own narrative.
  • Exhibit an understanding of MLA standard format and apply it to the narrative essay.
  • Exhibit their current skills in editing by attempting to submit an error free essay.
  • Exhibit their ability to lend style and tone to their essays.

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