Cybersecurity for Smart Cities

Cybersecurity for Smart Cities

For this week’s discussion, you will be writing a background paper (similar to a briefing paper) in which you present an analysis and summary of news reports about recent attacks against Smart City infrastructures. Your audience for this background paper is municipal government officials attending a Cybersecurity for Smart Cities conference.

1. Read the Weekly readings

2. Read

2. Find three or more additional news articles about cyber attacks (hacking) against smart technologies and systems used by cities and municipalities. Your articles should discuss at least three different governmental applications of “smart” technologies which have been attacked in the past three years. (Consider water utility systems, electric utilities and services such as street lights and traffic lights, parking meters, traffic monitoring, camera and audio surveillance systems, building management systems, etc.)

3. Analyze the news articles for common themes, e.g. vulnerable devices, types of attacks, who the attackers are, what is at risk for local governments, how to fix / remove vulnerabilities to protect the IoT connected critical infrastructures and related devices.

4. Using your research and analysis, write a blog posting which informs government officials about these technologies and the associated cyber risks. Include explanations as to how cities and municipalities can protect themselves from attacks against these types of devices

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