Response paper

Response paper

You will submit 4 response papers throughout the semester, following the calendar of deadlines on Canvas. In each response paper you will offer your analysis of one or more primary text of your choice from each module. No additional research is required for this assignment. Just focus on the assigned readings.

Response papers should be structured as miniature essays—with a clear introduction, analysis, and conclusion. Response paper should include quotations from the primary text or texts under discussion. Make sure each quotation is followed by the appropriate citation. Eg: “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” (Owen 1996, 37).

You can choose to focus on one particular text, or on a specific issue or concern across several primary texts in that module. Papers should include your ideas, reflections, and questions that arise during the reading of the texts. They may also address larger issues or draw a comparison with previous course readings, as the semester progresses. You should think of the response papers as a venue for exploring ideas and themes that could potentially become the topic for a longer paper.

Format: Paper should be 2-3 pages (about 600-700 words), typed in Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins all around. Include your name, course number, and date on the first page. Put an exciting title to your paper. Number the pages. You must include a final bibliography or reference list. This will understandably be very short (it could be just one entry, which is perfectly fine!) but it’s going to be good practice for the longer essays. For all citations, follow the Chicago Manual of Style (use the Author-Date system, that is, in-text parenthetical citations rather than footnotes). See this link for a quick reference:… (Links to an external site.)

Remember to always provide the exact page number(s) for each of the quoted passages.

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