Research paper

Psychologists in all areas of the field need to understand how research is developed, designed, and executed in order to remain current and competent in the field. Students will develop a research study based upon the following (fictional) vignette:

Researchers Mayhew and Ford have developed a new therapeutic method for working with people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Their therapy, called the Falcon (hypothetical) Method differs in a number of elements from current therapeutic and medicinal approaches. You are being asked to design a research study that would compare this method to at least two other approaches. Is the Falcon Method equivalent to or possible better than current approaches used with children and adolescents?

Students will

a. Define and describe ADHD and the behaviors that are most commonly targeted by therapies;

b. Identify and describe at least two current approaches to treating ADHD including the behaviors that they focus on addressing;

c. Develop an experimental research study that will allow a comparison between these two current methods and the (hypothetical) Falcon Method;

a. Develop and present the hypothesis that will be tested;

b. Consider the various experimental and developmental methods available and identify one that would work well for this research, explaining why;

c. Outline how the research would be executed;

d. Describe the Independent Variable accurately;

e. Describe the Dependent Variable and how it will be assessed/measured;

d. Discuss the ethical considerations that influence the design of the study and any potential issues that might arise and how they might be dealt with (referring, as needed, to the APA Code of Ethics);

Other Requirements

You should apply APA Style formatting throughout your paper. Include a title page, section headings, in-text citations, and a references page. Keep direct quotes to a minimum. You should also include an introductory paragraph, thesis sentence, and summary paragraph.

You should cite relevant empirical research and scholarly articles within psychology, your concentration area and other related areas. You should cite a minimum of seven peer-reviewed journal articles. You should carefully select sources after reviewing the literature and evaluating the credibility, relevance, quality, and research merit of each source.

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