Reflection of the Four C’s of Leadership

How do you, as a leader, establish character, competence, cadence, and capacity at your workplace? It is not an easy task, but one we are preparing you to do. One you are capable of being prepared for. And remember, Christians have an advantage because we don’t fight this battle on our own. We’ve been empowered by our Creator!Reflect on the Four C’s of Leadership summarizing the characteristics of each. Then, answer these questions:Which one do you feel is most important? Which quality do you possess the most of? Which quality do you need to work the most on?How can you use an understanding of the Four C’s of Leadership to shape the culture of your workplace?What additional characteristics do you feel are most important to shape an organizations culture?Please use current APA format in citations. There is no minimum page count for this assignment, but it should have enough to fully complete each step.

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