Quick clinical note dermatology drugs

Quick clinical note dermatology drugs.

These Quick Clinical Notes (QCN) are for you to begin to put together common important primary care drugs that are ordered for primary care patients.

You will be developing brief important information in the attached QCN template boxes. This assignment is not to be written like a nursing care plan that explains every drug in detail.

Do not write a long list of drug and food interactions or a long list of potential side effects. We know that every drug has the potential to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, etc. We are looking for a few important side effects that you can remember quickly when working with your patients.

For grading the Quick Clinical Notes assignment, faculty will take off points if you do not paraphrase, if there is nothing written in the boxes, if the wrong answers are listed in the boxes, if you cut and paste information in the boxes, and/or if you submit the Quick Clinical Notes assignment late.

Complete the document N677 QCN Dermatological Special Populations (1)-1.docx

Note: Use the template available. Do not cut and pastecontent in this template; instead, paraphrase the information.

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