Define the difference between race and ethnicity. Given the history of racism in the united states, how do you think the culture regarding race and the social institutions that keep it alive has affected your life and your families’ life?Reflection Rubric (1)

Reflection Rubric (1)

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAdherence to Prompt
2 ptsFull Marks

Submission answers the writing prompt and provides examples from the textbook or chapter outline.

1.2 ptsSatisfactory

Submission answers the writing prompt, but does not include examples from the textbook or chapter outline.

0.8 ptsNeeds Improvement0 ptsNo Marks

No Submission

2 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity
3 ptsFull Marks

Ability to form a coherent argument and demonstrate grasp and understanding of the concept. Employs the use of the vocabulary from the text. Clear and concise expression of the concept.

1.8 ptsSatisfactory

Demonstrate the use of the vocabulary, but does not connect all the dots to form a convincing argument.

1.2 ptsNeeds Improvement

Lacks understanding and application of the concept. Connections not made between the key features of the argument. No or few vocabulary words were used.

0 ptsNo Marks

No Submission

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUnderstanding
4 ptsFull Marks

Mentions paradigms and relates them to other paradigms. Furthers argument by connecting their analysis to theory.

2.4 ptsSatisfactory

Could include more application and relevance in the argument’s examples.

1.6 ptsNeeds Improvement

Apply the meaning of key terms and the relationship between them. Lack of basic understanding of perspectives.

0 ptsNo Marks

No Submission

4 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeRelevance of Application
1 ptsFull Marks

Apply personal examples to connect yourself to the paradigm(s).

0.6 ptsSatisfactory

Integration of all three sociological paradigms.

0.4 ptsNeeds Improvement

Does not apply any examples or cite the theories

0 ptsNo Marks

No Submision

1 pt
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