Problem statement

The field of study for this activity is Aviaition Maintenance

For this activity, you will formulate a problem statement that is supported by scholarly research. This is the foundation of your research project, as such, your instructor will work with you to approve your chosen problem. Feedback on your problem statement will be provided via this discussion post and/or the activity grading area.

You will begin by choosing a real-world current or emerging problem in your field of study. This can be an area of the industry that you currently work in or plan to work in following your graduation. The problem must be focused and feasible. The title of your project should reflect the guidelines in the APA manual on page 31, section 2.4. The problem should be broad enough to allow for adequate research.

Your problem statement must include the title and a brief (two-paragraph) explanation of the problem and the purpose of the research. The first paragraph should address an explanation of why this is a problem and the second paragraph should describe the purpose of the research (what results will be achieved in the project). Consider what your optimal recommendation would do for the industry. Even small changes can have a large impact in high-consequence industries such as aviation. Minor improvements to safety, for example, can have long-term, lasting impacts on daily operations. You must support your problem statement with a minimum of five scholarly sources.

When you have developed your problem statement, supporting explanation, and scholarly support for your research, post your response

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