Portfolio Construction Project

Portfolio Construction Project

Construct and submit your preliminary prospectus for the Portfolio Construction Project.

The Prospectus must contain seven (7) items:

1. The portfolio objective (To outperform the benchmark in total return on a risk adjusted basis by reducing portfolio variability through diversification.)

2. The benchmark (Russell 3000 Index)

3. The investment strategy

4. The fee structure

5. Risk of investing in the portfolio

6. Conflicts of interest

7. Name of fund manager (you)

You must construct your portfolio following your prospectus. However, you can change your strategy at any time by emailing the instructor notifying of the new strategy. You will include your final prospectus in your final paper.

choose the company strategy whether its value or growth stocks using FINRA website to find the data. focusing on increasing profit and high dividend by 20% in growth at least (well known firm)

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