Personal memoir essay

Personal memoir essay

Hi! I need a memoir to be written. It will be a personal situation and i have decided to write about the time a failed a test. It will be a chem test and you can talk about how hard i stuided for it and still failed. I ended up becoming a science major in college so that is ironic and now stuck in chemsitry. Obviously w a memoir there needs to be details of the scenario and a plot. I was in high school at the time this happened. Here are more detailed instructions! If possible can you make this a tad bit comical I do not want it to sound to boring.

Remember that you’re writing NONFICTION here, which means it’s a TRUE story, not a made-up story, not a partially true story with made-up parts. Fictional stories will receive no credit.

Also, make sure your memoir essay has a great title, something much more engaging than “Memoir Essay” or “Essay #1.” The draft should be a minimum of 1000 words, and should include at least one scene (setting, dialogue, characterization, action) if you want full credit.

for setting it could be highschool , dialouge between my friends or teacher, characterization could be possible conversations w my teacher

Remeber this is a memoir so it has to be personal! There has to be one scene with setting, dialouge, characterization action

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