Performance Intervention

Performance Intervention

Text: Van Tiem, D., Moseley, J., & Dessinger, J. (2012). Fundamentals of performance improvement: Optimizing results through people, process, and organizations (3rd ed.). San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 978-1-118-02524-6.

Resource: Use the template file as it already has the slides set to 20-second transitions. Develop a 20-slide x 20 seconds per slide PowerPoint presentation from the template .pptx file attached.


Each student will design and record a 20 X 20 (20 slides in 20 seconds) “Pecha-Kucha” presentation (see Pecha-Kucha  (Links to an external site.)) to deliver the content of your Performance Intervention.  Pecha-Kucha is a creative presentation format that allows you 400 seconds to tell your story using visuals along the way.

Personal Development Intervention: Mentoring (Chapter 13 of text)


Evaluation:  Add your own background and MUST USE VISUALS.  Pecha-Kuchas are evaluated on the following:


· Content and flow

· Include an introductory statement (think of an engaging introduction – a question or thought to consider, a quote, or an intriguing picture that leaves the audience wanting to know more)

· Definition of the performance intervention (include your Performance Intervention category. i.e. Learning Intervention, Performance Support Intervention, Job Analysis/Work Design Intervention, Personal Development Intervention, HRD Intervention, Organizational Communication Intervention, Organizational Design and Development Intervention, or Financial Systems Intervention)

· Key terms defined

· Explain the research base of the performance intervention

· How the performance intervention is used/applied in the workplace

· Tips to implement the performance intervention

· Logical flow

· Pictures are appropriate and fit with the content

· Includes summary/conclusion

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