Perception process

Perception process

CH.4 Perceiving Others “Perception Process”Instructions

 Use own examples and textbook for answering questions and not from websites.

 Review and use terms discussed on pages 106-108 for the first question. See pages 110-118 for the second question.

 This assignment is to help you recall steps and influences in the perception process.

 The assignment needs to be 430-450 words in length without the assignment description.


1. Recall one important exchange in which you viewed matters differently than your relational partner. Describe how you selected, organized, and interpreted the other person’s behavior and how your partner perceived the exchange differently.How successful were you in negotiating a shared perception of what happenedSee Objective 4.1 in textbook on page 130 for additional information.

2. Identify at least one instance in which the physiological, psychological, social, and cultural influences described in this chapter shaped your perceptions and consequently your interpersonal communication. Be sure to provide at least one example for illustration. See Objective 4.2 in textbook on page 130 for additional information.

please use this book Adler, Ronald B., et al. Interplay. 14th ed., Oxford, 2018. ISBN: 9780190646257 .

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