I interviewed this social worker from an agency and she gave me certain responses that can help you on writing about the listed questions.

Interview Q and A

1.. What is the name and location of the agency you work with? D.A. Blodgett- St. John’s in Grand Rapids

2. What is the name of your position? My official job title is TF-CBT Lead Therapist; but I provide both TF-CBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy) and Infant Mental Health Therapy

3. What kind of programs does your job offer? The two programs that I work in (TF-CBT and Infant Mental Health) both provide therapy/counseling to children and adolescents. These services are primarily provided to families in the home or community. TF-CBT is an evidence based model that is proven to be very effective for individuals who have experienced trauma of any kind. It entails learning skills for coping, managing feelings, processing trauma, and learning to manage trauma triggers. Infant mental health therapy focuses a lot on parent-child attachment and relationship. This entails learning skills for bonding with a little one, parenting, setting little ones up for lifelong success, and some trauma work.

4. What are the criterias clients must meet in order to obtain services. Our agency offers a wide variety of different programs each of which have different criteria. For me, TF-CBT requires that some between 4-18 has experienced some kind of trauma they can identify and that the trauma has caused some kind of significant reactions (anxiety, depression, nightmares, aggression, intrusive thoughts, ect). Infant Mental Health is a bit more broad. For that program there needs to be a child age 5 or younger and their caregiver. As far as symptoms go we look for difficulties with attachment, developmental concerns, environmental risk factors (poverty, drug abuse, foster care, ect), and need for support. As a general rule both programs require Medicaid insurance and residence in Kent county; however there are always lots of exceptions to both of these with different circumstances.

5. As a social worker what do you hope to achieve? My biggest goal as a social worker is to support kids and families in dealing with trauma and the other difficulties that get in their way of being their best selves.

6. What does a typical day look like? My days vary so much! Some days are really quiet and others are super crazy. Most days I travel around the county seeing somewhere between 3-5 clients. In my breaks between travel and sessions I write case notes and complete other necessary paperwork/documentation. About once per week I have a meeting with just my supervisor to go over things or a team meeting with other clinicians to provide support and tools to one another. I also spend a good bit of time talking on the phone/texting with clients to provide support or answer questions. I also squeeze trainings in where I can to keep learning new skills.


IV. Writing – Prepare a 7-8 page paper on the agency, the population served, and your own reflections/impressionsYour final paper for this class should be 7-8 pages long (double-spaced, 12 pt. ft, 1-inch margins). A title page is not required and will not be considered in the page count; a works cited page is required, but also will not be considered in the page count. The final essay should be submitted to the professor via Canvas by Friday, August 6. (See the rubric below for more details on the assignment). As with your video presentations, the final paper should include three main sections

:1. Introduction/Overview of the Agency

2. Social Problem/Population Served by the Agency

3. Impressions of the Agency (Reflections)

1. Introduction/Overview of the Agency – Provide the reader with a bit of background or context for the rest of your paper. a. Briefly (1 paragraph) explain the name & location of agency, who you interviewed, and their position in the agency

b. In several paragraphs, capture the agency’s mission and objectives, programs offered (please note micro, mezzo, and macro activities), and characteristics (e.g., private, public, nonprofit, sectarian, urban).

c. Briefly (1 paragraph) explain the population(s) served by the agency – ages, race, religion, gender, socioeconomic, geographic area, etc. Include criteria clients must meet in order to obtain services.

2. Social Problem/Population Served by the Agency – Most social service agencies target a particular population that is eligible for the services offered by the agency because they suffer from a social problem (homelessness, child abuse, drug addiction, mental illness, etc.) Some serve multiple needs. Choose one population served by the agency you visited and research it. Learn more about the group via multiple peer-reviewed sources. In your final paper, discuss the findings of at least 3 scholarly sources related to the population chosen. These should be listed in a works cited page, in APA format, at the end of your paper. Finally, describe how the inclusion of different perspectives/sources can influence one’s view of the problem/population served.

(3 articles are attached)

3. Impressions of the Agency (Reflections)

a. What were your initial thoughts of the agency? What surprised you? What did you like or dislike? What do you think it is like for a client coming to that agency? Could you envision being a client there?

b.How is the agency addressing the problem or serving the population you studied?

c.What was empowering about the agency, to whom, and in what way?

d.How does this agency continuously discover, appraise, and attend to changing locales, populations, scientific and technological developments, and emerging societal trends to provide relevant services?

e.What is the most important thing to know about social welfare at the agency? Why?

f.What is the most important thing to know about social workers and social work at the agency? Why?

Please include:

One in-text citation for every body paragraph

No plagiarism

Please use the three articles attached and scholarly sources published within the last five years, so between 2017-2021

Please be sure to include an introduction and conclusion

Requirements: Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced 7-8 pages APA Format

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