Music discussion

Music discussion

Respond to at least one of the following prompts. Indicate which prompt(s) you are responding to.

Your post should be a minimum of 250 words long, excluding any citations or direct quotes. Clearly reference the article in your response.

1. What were the issues or problems with the Nigerian government described in this article? What was the root cause of these issues or problems? Did Fela take appropriate action to help solve this issue? Why or why not?

2. The article provides several examples of how Fela was a man of seemingly contradictory beliefs. Briefly describe one of these contradictions. Is it possible to be an “authentic” African musician despite these contradictions? Explain.

3. How are the effects of colonialism addressed and/or reflected in Fela’s music? Provide a YouTube link to one of Fela’s songs and use it as an example to support your response.

4. If Fela Kuti was alive today and living in the United States or in your home country, what political issues do you think he would be interested in fighting through his music, and why? Use examples of the issues he fought for to support your answer. Be sure to clearly demonstrate your understanding of the article in your response. Provide YouTube links to any songs referenced.

5. Choose one of Fela’s songs. In what ways does the song reflect traditional African music? In what ways does it reflect more western styles of music? Provide a YouTube link to your chosen song. Referencing the article and/or video for support, how does this blending of traditional and modern styles reflect the political situation in Nigeria?


  • Responded to at least one prompt
  • Post is at least 250 words
  • Post references the article
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