Multiple choice

Question 1
Which of the following is the only component listed below that is different in a response that rejects an inquiry than in one that accepts an inquiry?

A. Acknowledge the inquiry.
B. Offer an alternative.
C. Build goodwill.
D. Conclude in a friendly manner.
Question 2
Your textbook reviews the domino effect of correspondence by presenting the Tele
Robics case. Which of the following types of correspondence was NOT included in this chain of events?

A. Complaint letter to field service office
B. Several e
mails and memos
C. Letters to vendor and other customers
D. All of the correspondence in ac above was used in the case.
Question 3
Which of the following is NOT a stated purpose of a proposal?

A. Solve a problem
B. Investigate a subject
C. Advocate a particular political viewpoint
D. Sell a product or service
Question 4
Theorists in psychology and communication believe that people reject or at least devalue information that conflicts with their existing beliefs; this principle is called:


A. internal conflict.
B. comprehension failure.
C. objective disagreement.
D. cognitive dissonance.

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