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The Notebook is a romantic/drama movie that talks of two people in love, whose story is read from a notebook. The reader of the notebook is an old man in a nursing home, reading to an old lady. The storyline focuses on two young lovers known as Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton, who meet at a carnival one evening. Allie’s parents disregard Noah as being fit for their daughter since his family is unwealthy and sends their daughter away. Being away, Allie still waits for Noah to write her letters for several years, she ends up getting engaged to Lon who is a young handsome soldier. Allie, who still loves Noah, goes to his 200 year-home, which he restored for her to check upon him. Both Noah and Allie have feelings that they cannot hide from each other, and Allie is left to choose her first love.

Older people and aging were portrayed as a celebration of life, reflecting on the beautiful memories made during youthful days. Also, in old age, people still want what they missed when they were young. I would want the life of the older adult projected in the movie since it is a healthy life and full of lively moments and memories. Since aging is a natural process, aging in style, in a place, and happy is a beautiful thing. The movie was so good and promoted love in various ways. The overall feelings are that it is difficult for love to fade away no matter the time people in love stay apart, and it is really fortunate for a person to grow old in the company of their mates and enjoy love through friendship. Also, it is never too late to appreciate and embrace true love.

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