Movie report

Movie report………

💥 Word count: 2000

🔥 Essay should be in MLA 8 style guide

🚩 No plagiarism at all. Cite references,

✨ Respond to any one of the questions below.

1. Analyse the narrative and style of an episode of one programme studied in this unit (American Vandal, Stranger Things, Episodes). Discuss how the particular structure and style positions the viewer and how this positioning helps to construct the meanings of the episode, and the series as a whole.

2. Discuss the representation of gender in an episode of one programme studied in this unit (Friends, Handmaid’s Tale, Breaking Bad or Dead to Me). Your discussion should pay particular attention to the ways in which generic conventions of the programme are employed as a means for exploring gender roles and/or sexual difference in the nominated episode, and the series as a whole. Your discussion can (but does not have to) include a consideration of race.

3. What is “quality television”? With particular attention to one episode of drama series/serial of your choice, discuss how quality television functions as an industrial, aesthetic and audience category. Please do not discuss an animated series or a comedy programme.

4. Discuss the narrative and aesthetic style of a true crime series/serial of your choice. This can be any true crime series, including those we have discussed in this unit. How do they position the viewer, and what conventions do they use to attract their audiences? In your answer, you can link true crime series to wider cultural trends of tv consumption. Please note that your examination needs to include a close analysis of at least one scene from a relevant series. Please do not discuss more than two episodes in your answer.

* You can refer to general resources, but your discussion has to focus on academic debates. You have to use at least one academic reference. More…

would probably be even more useful for an essay this long. In other words, you can use non-academic resources in addition to academic ones, but not instead of *

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