Marriage counseling research paper

Marriage counseling research paper

In marriage counseling, many situations may present themselves at various times in your practice. Below are topics that capture several potential issues that you may be faced with when you begin counseling married couples.


· Choose one of the following topics:

1. Communication and conflict resolution strategies in marriage

2. Keeping marital love vibrant and healthy for a lifetime

3. Gender roles in 21st century marriages

4. Managing crisis in a marriage—the focus must be on one of the following issues and its impact on a marriage relationship:

a. Addiction (substance abuse, pornography, gambling, etc.)

b. Infidelity/affairs

c. Domestic violence

d. Separation and/or divorce

e. Remarriage

f. Combat trauma and/or post-traumatic stress

g. Sexual problems

5. Other—with the permission of the instructor

· Submit your topic with a clear and concise 200-word rationale and

· List 5 cited sources published in the past five years detailing why the topic is relevant to marital counseling.

· Be sure to utilize correct grammar and structure and current APA format.

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