Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Background: Our company is an e-commerce company that sells formal wear online. We provide emergency delivery services. This is our characteristic and advantage. We have many emergency delivery personnel and warehouses in Toronto, ready to serve those who need urgent delivery. Under normal circumstances, our consumer group is office workers. Our disadvantage is the high labor cost (emergency delivery personnel and warehouse management personnel).

Questions:1.The opportunity

a.Describe the opportunity that this plan will address.

2.Marketing Research

a.Industry analysis-what is happening in the overall industry for this product/service

b.Consumer analysis- demographics,behaviors,and geographic considerations

c.Competitive analysis-your potential competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

d.Opportunity analysis-information to substantiate the opportunity you identified in #1(The opportunity:  a.Describe the opportunity that this plan will address.)

Requirements: APA format, three pages, no less than 700 words (the more the better)

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