Managing Employee Wellness

Managing Employee Wellness

Mgmt 3812—Managing Employee Wellness Article Synopsis Format Assignment #1 75 points each Please follow the format below for each of the two assignments. Length—3 pages, double-spaced. One inch margins on all sides—top, bottom, sides. Use a cover page for your report. You will submit into the appropriate dropbox. A minimum of three articles should be included—I have provided some sample articles below from which you can choose one or two, but you need to research at least one article on your own. The paper should have the following flow:

• Describe what the article says about the “business” side of employee wellness.

• Identify examples from the articles you read, summarize the article’s points


• Concludes with your perspective on the content presented. This conclusion should include critical thinking and be written as an upper level college student.

This assignment requires you to choose one of the articles I have selected below and a minimum of two articles that you research. The goal is you will learn through your research. My articles demonstrate the type of articles you should be looking for in your research. You are to find two articles through your research in the U of M library databases or a Google Scholar search. (I have listed 4 articles, choose one of these as the required article). The additional articles should be from a journal or business publication, no Wikipedia, sales-oriented websites, and blogs. Article Synopsis #1 Sample Articles—Please see the sample articles I’ve

posted for this assignment. Choose one or more of these as well as research two articles of your own to add to the paper (not ones that are listed below).

Wellness Program ROI Depends on Design and Implementation.




More Than Two-Thirds Of U.S. Employers Currently Offer Wellness Programs s-employers-currently-offer-wellness-programs-study-says/ programs-work-usually-not.html?_r=0 programs Research this area and find at least two other articles that you research on your

own to support your thoughts about Employee Wellness programs. Use APA for in-text citations as well as your references on the reference page. See the Sample APA paper posted in the Course Information section. Use a cover page for your assignment please using the following format: Cover page format:

• Name • Course name • Instructor Name • Assignment Name • Date

Proof carefully! Writing errors will count. Submit on time…..late papers not accepted. These will be submitted in the course dropbox, look for the appropriate dropbox within eCourseware. As you research, maintain a file of your articles. You may find these also helpful for your course project work later in the semester. See the Sample Papers posted to help you with formatting.


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