Life of Pi

Life of Pi

Watch “Life of Pi”, the movie by Yan Martel.

Write about one or two of the following questions: (a good paper will have a thesis statement (one of the following questions) and have supporting paragraphs). Document sources; 3 pages double spaced


1. How does Pi see the relationship of religions to each other? How does he compare the freedom to explore other religions to the safety and “homeyness” of one’s own religion? How does he compare this to animals in a cage?

2. Explore the question of theodicy in the movie. Why do evil things happen? Why did the ship sink? Hint: look up the name of the ship–the tzimtzum.

3. Explore the symbolism in the movie. What do the various colors mean and represent? What do the names of people mean and why are there name changes? What do the animals represent? The island? etc.

4. Explore the faith journey of Pi. When was Pi’s faith tested? What lessons did he learn?

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