Life management contract

  • Use a high-profile contract with plenty of information in the public domain and is either now complete or near completion/or has been running for a long time – apply the Contract Life Management (CLM) framework and identify what has worked/is working, what didn’t work and what lessons can be learnt. For contracts that have not completed, identify risks with any future stages and what should be in place, evaluate the risk mitigation strategy proposed (if it is available), or suggest what mitigating actions could be taken. Major contracts like those with the architect for the Scottish Parliament, construction of the 2012 Olympics, HS2 or British Library are examples of projects with significant data in the public domain. If you can, find out what standard form of contract was used, and consider whether this had any impact on the successes or issues encountered.

This should include a reflection based on the literature review of the appropriate IACCM LCM conceptual model from the initiation phase till the close out within 3500 words, which should be based on the elements from the notes I will provide. the report should be written critically. This mean to be compared with the literature review and cover all the requirement in the question from recommendations, risk mitigations, lessons learnt, what should be done in a better way based on literature? and such critical writing for a masters degree.

Please be noted that I will provide videos and notes to be followed in writing the report. the elements which are not included in the chosen project will be critisesed, show risks, mitigate risks, suggestions for better practices were done on the project, and compare it with literate review. without reading the material I have, nothing will be done.

Please if you can proceed with this, bid on it, otherwise no.

The first step is to agree on the project that will be discussed.

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