Leadership Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy:

Each student will write your own “Leadership Philosophy.” The Leadership Philosophy must include the following:

1. A brief introduction of yourself and why leadership is important to you. (I WILL DO THIS PART)

2. Your personal definition of “Leadership”; students should conduct your own research and create an original definition of leadership from your own perspective. Provide a list of the references you used to establish this definition.

3. List and explain the “Core Values” fundamental to your leadership philosophy.

4. Clearly state your full “Leadership Philosophy” in detail.

NOTE: Students should take great care in creating the “Leadership Philosophy”. Time should be invested in researching leadership and insuring that this is a philosophy you can use and update as you grow as a leader. Students may choose to present your Leadership Philosophy as a pamphlet, info graphic, or in another professional format as extra points are available based on the format. Just follow the instructions as you are finding out your own leadership philosophy.

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