issues regarding Black women and other women of color

This final assignment allows you to reflect on how the knowledge you have acquired this semester has shaped your thinking when it comes to issues regarding Black women and other women of color, as well as making conscious decisions towards dismantling oppression within our various professional fields of study. The essay will constitute a synthesis of your work for the course. The essay will use specific evidence drawn from all these course materials.
FORMAT: Minimum 6 FULL pages (should reach the bottom of page 6), double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, with 1” margins.
Please do not add extra spacing between paragraphs, in headers, etc.
You must quote directly from a minimum of 5 of the works we’ve read this semester.
You may include other course materials besides the readings in your essay, if you do, please refer to videos and presentations by title. You must document all your sources properly, incorporate every quote into one of your sentences, and use a works-cited page listing all the sources you cited, arranging them in alphabetical order according to the authors’ last names. MLA or APA format style.

Scoring Rubric
Score of A
An A-written response or paper is a superior product. The writer will demonstrate unusual fluency, control of language, and sentence variety. An A-paper should be distinguished by the quality of the content and by the amount of detail used to support or illustrate all points. There may be a few mechanical errors, but generally, this will be an exceptionally good paper. Relevant theory is used deftly and cogently to analyze texts and situations and produce interesting, useful interpretations and new knowledge. Specific and relevant knowledge is brought to support each argument. A clear focus on the question throughout.
Score of B
A B- written response or paper will be well organized and well-developed. It will demonstrate a clear understanding of the assignment and it will complete all tasks set by the assignment. Although a B-paper may contain minor flaws, it will exhibit the writer’s ability to use language effectively and to construct sentences of appropriate variety. Relevant theory is used for the analysis of texts and situations, although the analysis may be rudimentary or simplistic at points. The initial focus on the question; may stray into a demonstration of knowledge and return to the question at the end.
Score of C
A-C- written response or paper will show adequate organization and development. It will show enough specific information to illustrate the experience described or to support generalizations. A C-paper will show an adequate use of language. Although it may contain writing errors, these errors will not be serious or frequent enough to distract the reader or to suggest major problems in writing. Theories are mentioned but not used, or not used correctly. An initial wave or nod to the question, and then off into other matters.
Score of D
A D- written response or paper will reveal the following weaknesses:
• • Serious problems in organization or focus
• • Insufficient use of specific information to illustrate the experience described or to support general conclusions
• • Textual passages presented are largely irrelevant or incorrect.
• • Serious problems with sentence construction
• • Writing errors (errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice) that are serious or frequent enough to distract or confuse the reader
• • No use of theory for analysis.
• • No engagement with the question.
Score of F
An F- written response or paper will show little understanding of the task set by the assignment or of the mechanics of writing. It may exhibit:
• • Inadequate development (thinness in content, little or no detail)
• • Intellectual confusion, internal contradictions, unwarranted conclusions, confusion of fact and opinion, or non-sequiturs
• • Severe or persistent writing errors
• • No use of theory for analysis.
• • No engagement with the question.
• Textual passages are not presented.

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