Introduction to sociology bio and sociological theory

Directions: This is our first time being “in class” so please take a few minutes to tell me a bit about yourself while you also think about your own views and sociological perspectives after reading Chapters 1 and 21. Your Module 1 Critical Thinking Assignment is to:

  • Write one 3-5 paragraph essay that is a brief biography of you, the sociological perspective you most closely align with, and why you most align with that perspective. Your essay should be at least 500 words and appropriately have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Tell me what you do, where you live in the world, your education and professional goals, and your life experiences as you have aged. It is important that you think about your family and social experiences that have helped shape your values and beliefs about people and your world.
  • As this is a sociology class and you should have read and learned about the major sociological perspectives, be sure to use at least one paragraph of your essay to tell me: “if you were a sociologist would you lean more toward the conflict, functionalist, or interactionist view when you look at the world and why?” Be specific about the perspective you choose and make sure you completely explain it to the best of your understanding.
  • Address WHY you feel more aligned with a particular perspective. This should include how your social world, family, upbringing, life experiences, and social exposures have helped shape your world beliefs. You must critically think about the perspective and yourself and connect the two.
  • Be sure to use at least one source to document your understanding of the sociological perspective. The references may include your textbook or any other reliable sources. You should be sure to cite your source(s) within the essay and list a bibliographical reference to the source at the end of the essay using the APA format.
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