Human Rights and Social Injustice

Human Rights and Social Injustice

Consider the community that you are exploring for your Community Treasure Hunt assignment. Identify a challenge confronting people that threatens their human rights or is a social injustice.

Describe the issue in detail, applying the ecological/systems framework and identifying the impact of the challenge/problem you identified at each of the levels of the environment. Then focus on the exo/community level, and make recommendations for change that would address the problem/challenge you have identified.

Note that completing this assignment will help set you up for success in completing the case study on Enrique’s Journey (Nazario, 2007, 2014).

Your Tasks:

Please submit one original post (400-500 words) and respond to at least two peer posts (75-150 words). If you want to receive full credit for this assignment, you must cite the text and required chapter reading when appropriate for the discussion prompt above. If you wish, you may also cite one or two relevant peer-reviewed journal articles. (Articles may be cited in either your initial posting or your responses to peers.) Be sure that you have addressed all parts of the required response.

When you respond to peers, respond as if you were dialoguing with them, so be sure that your posts are related to their initial postings. Your posting needs to deepen the discussion by adding an additional perspective, sharing new information, or asking an additional question to get your colleague to think more critically about the issue – it should not be a new posting on your part that doesn’t connect to the initial posting or a mere “I agree with everything you’ve said” statement.

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