HMD 454 Hospitality Management Strategic Presentation

Prepare a Powerpoint and around 6mins speech draft

Current Event Presentation

Each student will present a short (at least 5 minutes; no longer than10-minutes)video on a current event that is affecting hospitality companies.Note: While the Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly an important topic, please report on something other than the pandemic to increase the awareness of other factors that are currently going on, such as new laws/regulations, ecological issues, sociocultural, and economic issues. Students are expected to:1) Provide an overview of the topic2) Explain how this is affecting the hospitality industry3)Explain how this current event is shaping strategy for companies (i.e., how should companies respond to this current event).Students will prepare a Powerpoint presentation of approximately 10 slides of content and 1 slide with the references used for the presentation. Students will use Panopto (available in Canvas) to record their presentation. Students will post their presentation to a discussion board on Canvas.Students must comment on 2 other presentations as part of their overall presentation grade. Instructions for using Panopto are available on Canvas.

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