Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: A Community Perspective

Select and submit 3 peer-reviewed articles on topics for Health Promotion/Disease Prevention, within the last 3-5 years.

Review the articles and submit a summary of 2-3 pages of your comparison or contrast of the “articles” and how they apply to Community Health Promotion/ Disease Prevention. Please attach the articles onto your electronic copy and turn it to me on BB. In addition, submit your paper through Safe Assign on Blackboard for plagiarism percentage checks and ‘self-grade’ using the rubrics. On your articles, please highlight the following areas as proof.

Include the following in your summary/article reviews:

  1. Type of study: e.g meta-analysis, descriptive, Quantitative/qualitative, cohort, etc.
  2. Hypothesis: e.g Purpose of the study/aim/ relationship between topics of your articles
  3. Practical use of the study: e.g application in real nursing or real life world used in the articles
  4. Conclusion of study: e.g results of the studies show….
  5. Your opinion including the comparison of the studies.

`Cover sheet and citations in the ‘body’ and references page must be included.

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