Group theory

Rationale for Assignment:


This assignment addresses students’ learning of group dynamics and group process through the integration of knowledge relevant to group design. The inclusion of group theory and experience into a group proposal helps them integrate the elements involved in the creation of a counseling group. They consider effective interventions with diverse populations and offer options for group leadership.




Students will use the assigned readings to design a group proposal that incorporates group elements into the format below. They will organize and integrate their knowledge regarding group theory and group design into a 2-3 pages group proposal.


GROUP RATIONALE Provide a rationale that explains the need for the group you are proposing. The rationale will include information such as perceived needs of a specific diverse population of clients who would be served by the group, current literature and research supporting the need, documented social trends, neglected issues or gaps in services.  Use three scholarly and professional sources to support the need for this group and specify why a group modality would be beneficial based on the stated needs.


  1. What is the target population? (e., adults/adolescent/children, male/female, particular issue, particular diagnosis, etc.)-(High school) Adolescent – Undocumented students
  2. Where will the group meet? (e., outpatient, inpatient, school, college counseling center, etc.)- School
  3. What is the type of group? (e., therapy group, support group, psychoeducational group, art therapy group, etc.)- Support group
  4. What is the theoretical approach? (e., CBT, mindfulness, interpersonal, etc.)- Psychodynamic
  5. Why is the group indicated at this time?- After their second period
  6. How would the agency/school/program benefit from providing this group?- The school would be prepared to deal students with different experience
  7. What are the goals and objectives for your group; that is, what will members gain from participating and what specific objectives will address the goals- The goal




  1. How many members this group is designed for? 7
  2. Is the group open or closed (will new members be allowed to join once the group starts)?  – Close, because is such a personal experience and make sure is a safe confrontable environment for the member
  3. How many sessions this group is designed for? 12 sessions we can be twice week Monday and Thursday a week

What is the frequency of group sessions- Weekly  (i.e., weekly, monthly)?

How many minutes long is a session? About 1hr

  1. What is the focus and structure of your typical session? – Help overcome their trauma

What techniques and procedures do you plan to employ in your group (i.e., structured exercises, drawing, role plays, etc.)? – Yoga, meditation

  1. Will members be expected to practice new skills outside of the group sessions (homework)? – To engaged with other students with different background, getting outside their comfort zone
  2. Will you need any special equipment for your group (i.e., art supplies, prompts, etc.)? – Yoga mat



  1. Who is a good candidate for your group? Who is not? What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria? (i.e., if you are designing a Depression Group, would you include or exclude members who are acutely suicidal?) –
  2. How will you recruit your group members?- School counselor, Teacher referrals  How will you elicit the referrals to your group? What type of advertisement, if any, would you do?
  3. What kind of screening and selection procedures will you use (i.e. written referral from the individual therapist, phone interview, in person screening, etc.)?- in person screening


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