Global business paper

Global business paper

The assignment consists of two components, an essay and a presentation. You will have to choose one of the following topics that corresponds to a learning goal in this unit:

  1. Doing business in ‘the West’ is fundamentally different from doing business in ‘the

East’ (Learning goal 2)

  1. Multinational corporations should be regulated by supranational organisations instead of national governments. (Learning goal 3)
  2. Multinational corporations are unethical if they apply different labour standards

across the different countries they operate in. (Learning goal 5)

You will need to both write an essay and do a presentation on one of these topics. Your essay can be either in favour or against your chosen topic. However, the presentation must take the opposite stance of the essay on your topic.

For example, you can write an essay that argues that doing business in “the West” is

fundamentally different from doing business in “The East”. Your presentation must then argue that doing business in “the West” is NOT fundamentally different from doing business in “the East”.

Instructions for essay – style and formatting

➢ You have a limit of 3 pages, excluding reference list and cover page.

➢ Note: in text references do count towards the limit.

➢ Submitted work that is over the page limit will not be graded and automatically receive 0 marks. Double check your submission to make sure it adheres to the limit!

➢ Trying to fit in as many words you can on the pages you have can come at the at the expense of clear formatting and legibility and can end up costing you marks! Try to keep this in mind.

➢ The essay must use standard MS Word margins (2.54cms), Times New Roman 12pt font, and 1½ line spacing.

➢ This assignment is an essay and should therefore NOT include a table of contents or an executive summary in your essay. You should, however, structure your essay to

include an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Headings and subheadings are

strongly recommended to make your essay clear and easy to follow.

➢ Your approach to the essay can be as individual and innovative as you like. Your

essay must, however, be academically rigorous, and you must research the academic

literature in the topic area. To that extent, your essay must include at least 5 scholarly references and you must use the APA referencing system. See the section on citations and referencing for more information on which citation method to use, and what is considered an acceptable scholarly reference.

➢ Think about your presentation and layout! Formatting matters and will affect your

grade. Make sure the essay is clearly presented, with good use of headings and


Instructions for essay – content and tips

➢ Make sure your essay does not just contain a list of arguments for your stance. To

write a strong essay, you should include arguments from your presentation, and either

refute them or demonstrate why their impact is not as significant. Your grading will

in part be based on how well you are able to provide an objective view of both sides

of the equation, and not just providing arguments for one side while ignoring contrary evidence.

➢ Marks will be awarded based on the depth and breadth of issues covered, the level of understanding of those issues, insights acquired, and the standard of presentation of

the essay, including the organisation and structure of the paper, academic writing style, clarity of expression, grammar and referencing.

➢ Three pages is not a lot and it is generally a lot easier to write a long essay than it is

to write a short one. Being able to state your case clearly and concisely is part of the

assignment and so you will need to focus. Before starting with writing the essay, you

should try to identify all the possible arguments that can be made and figure out which of these are the most compelling arguments for your case (I would recommend

no more than 3 or 4). Then, work on making these arguments as strong as you can position them.

➢ Make sure you clearly think about and define the main concepts of your essay. You

need to make sure you have a clear understanding of this in order to write a convincing essay. For example, when should an organisation be considered a multinational? Another example: if you choose topic 1, be aware that “The West” is

not just the USA, just as “The East” is not just China.

Instructions for presentation – style and formatting

➢ You must use slides to support your presentation. Requirements for the slides:

➢ You must have a cover slide that includes the following: chosen topic, and chosen position on the topic.

➢ You must have an ending slide that lists your references.

➢ For the remaining slides you are free to fill them in as you see fit. Keep the duration of your presentation in mind! This means:

➢ There is no need for a slide with a table of contents.

➢ There is no need for slides that just introduce the next topic of your presentation.

➢ Aim for using 1-2 slides per minute. This gives you a nice balance between content and clarity. In other words, your presentation should preferably have between 3 and 6 slides.

➢ Make sure your slides are not just a wall of text. Try to limit the number of words on a slide to a maximum of 30.

➢ Try to make your presentation easy on the eyes. In other words, no garish colours, overly busy backgrounds or weird fonts.

➢ Use either no or only simply animations. Most animations tend to be distracting and don’t make your presentation better.

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