Genogram (Meets CACREP Standards 2.F.5.b.) 40 points
The course material will be applied by each student to their family of origin, as such, students will construct a 3-generation genogram and structural map of their family of origin. Accompanying your genogram, you will write a personal analysis and reaction paper outlining the information found in their genogram. This analysis should be 3-5 pages (not including the genogram itself) including a personal assessment of the

family dynamics and multi-generational themes which have shaped your values, relationship dynamics, and roles in your present life. Grading of the paper will be based on your demonstration of your learning about family dynamics from the course materials and activity itself (not based solely upon personal issues your family has faced) and must include the following information:
1. Asymbol-basedvisualgenogramofyourfamilyspanningbackatleastthree generations, including your children and grandchildren, if applicable (see for symbol templates, but please note that you are not required to purchase the Genopro program). You may also go
2. Aclearlydefinedsymbollegendonyourgenogram.
3. Abriefdescriptionofkeyfamilymembers.
4. Anin-depthanalysisoftwoorthreethemes/patternsthatyousee
as having been passed down through the generations and personal reflection/reaction upon completing your genogram.

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