Ethical Leadership discussion

Ethical Leadership discussion

Choose TWO of the questions below and write a response to each question.

Section 1: To what extent is it fair or unfair to punish people for unethical behavior, as long as they were operating within the law?

Section 2: If you were interviewing for multiple jobs, and you could not find a future employer with both of these traits, which would be more important to your employment decision…working for a boss with character or competence? Explain your opinion.

Section 3: If you answer business emails and phone calls during your personal time during nights and weekends, is it okay to arrive at work late, leave early or take extended lunch breaks? Why or why not?

Section 4: Do agree that ethical leaders can have unethical conduct present in any part of their organizations? Why or why not?

Section 5: If you were an employee at any of these organizations, what (if anything) could you have done to be a positive ethical influence at these companies, even in an entry level position?

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