English Question

The Analytic Exploration is framed around a basic research aim, which is to explore the current research on a topic in a discipline. To do so, you will locate a current conversation within the recent research of a discipline and analyze three academic articles and two public to determine the current disciplinary perspectives on the topic in the discipline. You will also collect and integrate primary source material. The Analytic Exploration should be 1000-1500 words and include a minimum of 6 sources, at least 3 scholarly, 2 public, and 1 primary. The Analytic Exploration should include a thesis that synthesizes the analyses, as well as context, summary and analysis of three scholarly sources, a summary of two popular sources, a summary of primary source material, and a conclusion.

Thesis: Children who participate in sports have a very high chance of being injured and safer precautions should be put in place.

Iwill attach an outline for the paper with the sources (in the last page). You can use the outline or not it’s fine but please try to use the same sources I gave you and it;s fine to add new sources.

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