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Answer the following questions:

Stanford Prison Experiment (Links to an external site.) (If you are interested, here’s more information.)

  • 1)What do you think about an experiment like this? Is it ethical and humane? Explain your answer
  • 2)Do you think it reveals something about the dark side of human nature? Explain your answer.
  • 3) Can you think of any recent examples where people felt empowered by authority figures to act out or be offensive?
  • 4) What do you see as some of the ethical issues with human testing like this?
  • 5) Zimbardo testified in front of Congress in 1971 regarding prison reform and prisoner treatment. Read the information below and answer this question: What does the Stanford Prison Experiment tell us about humans’ ability to commit vicious acts when put in the right situations? Very often we avoid situations where we might be controlled and finally we label as weak or deviant people in those situations that we are not in when they behave differently than us. We would behave the same way, but we don’t enter into those situations to find out.Each of us carries around in our heads a very favorable self-image. We could not imagine hurting somebody without just cause; in fact, without a lot of provocation. However, there is a large body of research literature that says most people, even a majority, can be made to do almost anything if you put them in psychologically compelling situations, regardless of their morals, ethics, values, attitudes, beliefs, or personal convictions.We have done experiments where we have mild-mannered college students in a situation where they are told to deliver punishment to another, likable student, who is a stranger to them. If you made them feel anonymous, they are even more punitive and punishing.
  • 6. )Zimbardo wrote in 1971, “If you made them feel anonymous, they are even more punitive and punishing.” Do you think this statement helps to explain how people treat each other on social media?
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