Discussion response

Discussion response

Poverty can be defined as not being able to afford necessities to maintain life, such as clothing, food, shelter, and clean water. Poverty exists and persists the world over. It is a social issue that has plagued humankind since the day’s past of nomads. Poverty not only leads to death due to a lack of life-sustaining necessities, but it also leads to other issues, such a mental illness, child labor, drug abuse, and domestic abuse, to name a few. The causes and effects of poverty are many. (Finley, 2018)

Why and Relevance

No one deserves to live in a world of such uncertainty and sadness. In a world where billionaires are flying into “outer space,” but people are on the streets starving, poverty obviously is not getting as much solution-attention as it deserves. The more that is known about a topic, the easier it is to identify the problems. The more attention a problem gets, the easier it is to gather solutions. I am attaining a general master’s degree in psychology, with the intent to pursue a Ph.D. in social psychology. The number of topics I would love to explore for this class is abundant. Issues such as bullying, suicide, mass shootings, and fear culture all interest me. I chose poverty because it is something that I find inexcusable and would like to know more about.


Finley, L. (2018). Poverty. Salem Press Encyclopedia.

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