Discussion question

Discussion question

The GameStop and other meme stocks saga has become an event that will surely be written into finance textbooks. Read/Watch the attached articles and the articles/video in the link below, as well as the latest news and developments of this company from the “News, Events and Filings” section of Capital IQ Pro (input “GME” in the search box to access the information related to this company. This is the ticker symbol of GameStop) . Then, comment on the usefulness of financial statement analysis & valuation in light of the GameStop event.

GameStop holds a financial lesson for kids: Investing is supposed to be boring (Washington Post)

The Price/Value Feedback Loop: Revisiting AMC and GME (Prof. Damodaran)

Pitchforks and Torches at GameStop: The Reddit Raid on Hedge Funds (Prof. Damodaran)

In drafting your posts, please note the six aspects of your writings as listed in the syllabus that will be graded. These include grammatical errors. Please also note that you have an opportunity to earn extra credit should you meet the requirements for early postings and the number of responses.

Also note that as an instructor, my major role in the forum discussions is to steer the discussions in the right direction. By “right” I don’t mean there are “right” answers for the questions being asked. Rather, it means that your discussions should be revolving around these questions and are relevant. As such, you should expect minimal input from me, and such input is expected to decline over time.

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