discussion 2

ADP 6-22 provides guidance on leadership fundamentals and requirements.
Leadership at the organizational level is unique, and it differs from the
tactical or “direct” level leadership roles. While a brigade religious
affairs specialist is may provide some level of direct leadership, they must
provide organizational leadership. Utilizing Chapter 9 from ADP 6-22 you
will write a discussion post for your peers to review and provide feedback.
Your post should answer the following questions.

1) What does it mean to “extend influence beyond the Chain of Command”?

2) How can the brigade UMT use the staff as a communication tool?

3) How do you build a team’s skills and processes?

4) Explain what it means to be competent in planning, preparing, executing,
and assessing?

*Note: Each question should be explained in a minimum of 4-5 sentences.
Total word count of original post must be between 300-350 words in length.
You must respond to two other student’s posts and provide constructive
feedback. Each reply post must be between 100-150 words in length. Grammar
and spelling will be graded.

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