criminology 101

Desiree’s baby is a story that explores the arbitrary hierarchies of gender, class, and race in the colonial South. In this case, Desiree is an abandoned child who was eventually adopted by very wealthy parents that owned plantations (Chopin, 2018). She was later married to one Armand Aubigny, who was the owner of a plantation in the neighborhood. Desiree had a passionate marriage before the baby came, and the marriage turned sour. This forced her to take her baby and leave, never to be seen again. In this story, Desiree is depicted as a weak and shallow-minded creature whose whole life depended on other people’s opinions and decisions.

Desiree, her mother, and the baby are victims in this story because all the circumstances were against them. First, they lived in a space dominated by men where women were disregarded as humans and treated like property. At the same time, it was not their fault that they were born from a lineage of Black ancestry (Chopin, 2018). When Desiree was living, Blacks 

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