Communications Question


(see Week 4b Zoom Recording for discussion – Thursday, April 22):

In the coming week, you will begin narrowing your focus as you work toward your final project. You’ll do this by making a pitch. Actually, you’ll be pitching two ideas for this assignment.

A pitch is a description of a potential story or project for which you’d like to gain support, distribution, etc.

Your task is to consider the following with attention to what most interests you, what you think really matters, and what you think you have some ability to accomplish:

Keep in mind that there are many kinds of pitches. You can pitch a potential news story to journalism outlet. You can pitch a project to a foundation to secure funding. You can pitch a script to a movie producer. You can pitch a communication strategy to an advertising agency. You can pitch a web design to a community organization. The list goes on. If you have one of these in mind, do a search for samples of effective versions of these varied kinds of pitches.


Each idea you pitch should address the following:

      1. Why does it matter to a community?
      2. Why does it matter to you?
      3. What is the specific context, and what are the relevant details?
      4. What format do you propose and why?
      5. Why are you the person for the job?

Each pitch should be 250-400 words.

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