Chlorhexidine for daily bathing of hospital patients

Chlorhexidine for daily bathing of hospital patients



For the assignment, you will select one quantitative research study and one qualitative study related to the field of nursing and related to the topic to abstract:

which is Chlorhexidine for daily bathing of hospital patients.

· You must use the entire article and not an article abstract.

· you’ll need time to find appropriate articles and abstract them.

· The selected articles should be original research studies. Review articles, concept analysis, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, integrative review, and systematic review articles should not be used.

· Mixed-methods studies should not be used.

· Dissertations should not be used

Ensure the following questions are addressed in each summary:

1. What type of research is it (quantitative, qualitative, and design)? 2. What was the research question(s) or hypothesis? 3. What is the sample, the sample size, and sample attributes? 4. What was the setting of the study? 5. What were the researcher’s findings? (Identify one.)

Each summary should be between 150–250 words.

Use current APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources.

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