Biblical prophets

Biblical prophets

The goal of this paper is NOT to show the instructor what you have learned about the biblical prophets so far. Rather the goal is for you to articulate why you want to learn more about them.

To this end, here are some questions I want you to ask yourself:

What is a prophet? How would you define the term? What sorts of things does a prophet do? Why are they important? Do you have a favorite biblical prophet or one you find the most interesting? Why? Why do you want to learn more about them? In the paper I want you to answer and reflect on these questions.

Some key things to keep in mind regarding this assignment:

This is a short paper. The minimum word count is 750 words.

This is NOT a research paper. You do not need to do additional research.

The prompt for the assignment does ask you to discuss a movie, novel, or song.

You don’t need footnotes or bibliography but you do need to cite the source you are discussing and specify the name of the source.

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