Beowulf poem

Beowulf poem

Response essays are to be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and set within 1” margins. Each essay should be 2-4 pages in length (minimum of 500 words/two full pages), address one of the prompts provided, make clear references to the texts, and present a legible argument, position, line of analysis, or reaction. Essays submitted after noon on Sunday, September 19, or those that do not meet the requirements or address the prompt will receive zero credit.

Option 1: Does the poem Beowulf distinguish between the qualities that make a good king and those that make a good warrior? Identify the qualities of each, providing clear examples from the text. Do you think Beowulf is a good warrior, a good king, both, or neither?

the version of beowulf used is from The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, Concise Edition Volume A (9781554813124)

doesn’t need to be too over the top just meet the requirements and this assiment is due at midnight eastern time

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