For this journal, I want you to think about the role of images in art, especially religious art, as well as what images mean in our own times. The term that will be the focus of our discussion is iconoclasm, which means literally “breaking images.” While images of Jesus, Mary, and the saints (called icons) were important in Byzantine religion, there was about a century when icons were seen as negative and destroyed – this is the iconoclastic movement. In Islamic religion, images of Mohammed and other religious figures, or any animals and people, are not appropriate for mosques. In this discussion, read the following three articles:

Then write a few paragraphs (1 page 300 words double spaced) about what you learned about history and images by reading those three articles. Finally, do you see any similarities or examples of iconoclasm in the modern world? Remember, too, that iconoclasm is not necessarily negative, especially in some of the examples that you might discuss that are happening now. I look forward to seeing your responses to this fascinating topic!

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