Anti-bias Curriculum and White-based Education

Final Research Paper should include the following sections:

An introduction that provides an overview of what your paper will address. You can begin your paper with an autobiographical narrative, an example from the media, a story, movie, etc. But at the end of this section, you should indicate to the reader what the rest of your paper will address;

A literature review section where you write and explain what is being written in the field in education around your topic. Consider analyzing and synthesizing the possibilities and limitations of the academic work in relation to your topic of interest.

Your argument. Use your academic references, course readings, other articles or book chapters, and what you learned from online discussions to critically discuss your topic.

Word limit: 10-12 pages (double-spaced, 12 point font)

Evaluation Criteria for Final Research Paper

Quality of Content and Critical Thinking

The finished research project responds directly to topic and is anchored in a clear critical lens (cosmopolitan literacies and/or other).
It is clear that the necessary thinking, research, reflection and exploration has taken place to enable the production of an insightful research paper.
The literature review is robust.
Arguments are supported with evidence
APA conventions are followed for citation parenthetically and in list of references.
The paper is logically structured and organized. Ideas are expressed clearly and concisely.
Quality of Expression

Expert control of language (spelling, grammar, punctuation, voice, tone, etc).
APA elements of style observed and/or codes and conventions of the presentation format.
The ideas are presented clearly and concisely.
The submission is logical, well-organized and does not exceed the length restriction.
Total Points: 30

All evaluation criteria are weighted equally. Evaluation will be done holistically, using these criteria to inform the decision about the grade. Feedback will clarify areas of strength and weakness in the work.

I like the idea of looking at anti-bias, and more powerfully, anti-racist curriculum. One of the interesting things is whether the teachers implementing these are themselves aware of their own biases. As a person of colour, I witness a lot of teachers thinking they are doing the right thing, while recapitulating colonial ideals or cultural appropriation unwittingly. Or worse, they have a rescue complex when it comes to refugees, students of colour, or other so called “marginalized” students (another problematic term).

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