Answer 2 questions based on the article “Chinese Forty-niners”

Answer any 2 questions from the list below.

1 Describe some of the things that impress you most about merchant Chinese as pioneer immigrants during the Gold Rush.

2 Discuss why it is important to know that the pioneers in Chinese migration were merchant immigrants.

3. Discuss what was Canton like during that historical period and list some of the most impressive things about the city based on the article.

4. Discuss what part of Guangdong Province, South China that early Chinese immigrants came from and what were some of the major reasons of their migration to America based on the article.

5. Discuss what role Hong Kong played in early Chinese migration. Give a few examples that impress you most based on the article.

6. Discuss why San Francisco was important to early Chinese immigrants and give a few examples about the life of Chinese immigrants in San Francisco based on the article.

7. Discuss why early Chinese immigrants were regarded as founders by some historians. Give a few examples of the Chinese contributions to San Francisco.

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