Agriculture case study

Based on the same case study, the following questions are:

  1. Critically evaluate how farming will survive in a long run? / How farming will continue going?
  2. Critically evaluate how will the technology drive the farming industry?
  3. Critically evaluate how the Autonomous Systems can sustain infinitely in Agriculture.
  4. Critically evaluate COVID impact on the agriculture industry and how the industry will sustain by substituting the classic farming to precision agriculture.
    Answers should be linked to farming industry only, AI and Vertical farming.

Main analysis tools to be considered & must be used in the answer:

  • SWOT
  • Ansoff Matrix
  • SAFe Model
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Fishbone analysis

Referencing should be the time of period (2015- 2021)

Submission time limit is 24 hrs, as I’m running out of time.

1,600 words


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