TOPIC: The Physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System


The Autonomic Nervous System can be challenging to understand because it is connected to virtually every body function in opposite ways. You are going to explore the physiology by looking at specific examples of how it works.


For your first parts, describe how the parasympathetic nervous system influences one function in your body. For example, the parasympathetic nervous system causes decreased blood pressure. If you chose this body function, you would describe the physiology behind the decreased blood pressure. How does it happen? What occurs in the heart/blood vessels? Which scenarios or external factors would cause the parasympathetic nervous system to activate this response? Part 2.Also include how the parasympathetic influences the diameter of your pupil, and describe how the sympathetic nervous system affects the diameter of your pupil.


Two references 7edition with intext citation

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Two page

Due 8/16/2021

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