impact of technology

impact of technology


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For your cause and effect essay, you can try researching “addiction to technology” or “impact of technology on…” It may give you places to start researching the topic. Your first two pages are due for editing (first draft) at the end of Week 4.


If you experienced using technology since you were a young child or even witnessed everyone around you using it, you may not see the difference in relationships that do not have this component. If true, you will have to rely on research (including perhaps talking to people who were alive when technology wasn’t so prevalent). Interviews can be used as additional sources to the four required.

Psychological studies show that humans devoid of human contact can develop mental disorders. Children who live in orphanages where they are not picked up and held, develop failure to bond. If they cannot bond with other human beings; they can also develop psychotic behaviors. Communicating via Facetime, Snap Chat and texts do not fulfill the requirements for healthy relationships.

Addiction to technology is now included in a clinical diagnosis. People can get treatment for this addiction; this was unheard of twenty years ago. Addictions of any kind are destructive to relationships; People lose marriages and relationships with family members due to addictions (gambling, alcohol, pornography, drugs). Addictions are a sign of someone who is unavailable to be in a healthy relationship as they are concentrated on fulfilling that addiction; they are only available to have a relationship with pleasing themselves. What might the overuse of technology be doing to relationships today?

For your essay, you will discuss and analyze the impact of the extensive use of technology has made on human relationships. If relationships are the foundation of a culture, what are we seeing in our society as a result? Papers should be 3-4 pages in length, 12 pt. Times New Roman font and double spaced (MLA 8th edition formatting) The paper should include a Works Cited page (not included in the four pages.).Your paper should be written in MLA 8th edition formatting and will need to include:

1) An original thesis statement will be making an argument regarding technology and its effects on human relationships. Your thesis should incorporate some of the following questions:

● ● ●

How has/will this technology affect human relationships?

Is it helping bring people together or is it pushing people apart?
Is there a way in which technology lessens the “quality” of interactions we have with one another?

● What ultimate effects might the expanding uses of technology have on the way our society functions?

Be certain to clearly establish and support your position for each issue with evidence from research, and your own experiences and observations.

2) Use evidence drawn from at least three sources to support your thesis. You must include in your sources at least one scientific journal article and two from the library database.

Essay length: Four pages: MLA format, 12 font, double spaced. Three outside sources and a Works Cited page (the last page.)
Please be aware that essays that do not fulfill the four-page limit with be considered incomplete. You may only use one block quote in this essay as it is only four pages. All other cited sources must be three lines or less.

You must use three sources that will be cited with MLA 8th edition. The essay will be done in increments: you will turn in your first two pages for me to edit and then turn in your final completed copy on the due date. You will do a peer review of another student’s essay.

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