system theory of accident causation

system theory of accident causation

System Theory summary and why?

The system theory of accident causation can be seen in circumstances like when there is involvement of three parts: person (host), machine (agency), and environment.

The system theory collects the information, weighs risks, and makes decisions. According to the system theory, a change in any component affects the entire system. Probability of a mishap happening is dictated by how these segments interact and changes in the examples of collaboration can increment or diminish the likelihood of a mishap. In this theory, when the person interacts with the environment three activities take place. After gathering the information, a person weighs risks & decides whether to perform the task. Before beginning the process of collecting information five factors should be considered

Job requirements

Worker’s abilities & limitations

Benefit if task accomplished

Loss if task is tried but fails

Loss if task is not attempted

Link to Accident Publication:,of%20serious%20injury%20or%20death.&text=Watts%20was%20using%20the%20crane%20to%20move%20a%20large%20generator.

Summary of accident:

Herman Holtz was killed in an accident when a mobile crane hit him in an Australian worksite. The crane was operated by Michael Watts. Watts has been sentenced as guilty. Watts could be sentenced to five years in prison or ordered to pay a $300,000 fine, or both.

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